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Sandwich Tray


Assorted Pre-made Sandwiches on Sliced Bread:
(Wheat, White, Sourdough, and Rye)

Choose from the following filling options*:
*Roast Beef/Cheddar, *Ham/Swiss, *Turkey, *Tuna
Salad, *Chicken Salad, *Vegetarian

Choice of one salad: Potato Salad, Pasta Salad, Tossed Green Salad with Ranch and Italian, or Coleslaw

Choice of dessert: Cookies, Brownies, or Lemon
Squares (any variety)

Includes Salad and Dessert | Price per Person

Paper Service (per person) +$1.50Substitute French Rolls (per person) +$0.50Substitute Croissants (per person) +$0.50